Root & Roam Home Now Scouted Sunday


Root and Roam Home Transitioning To Scouted Sunday

When I took over Root and Roam Home, I always knew I would have to change the name. I struggled for months and months of what to change it to... Root and Roam Home was pretty much a grandslam.. kudos to whichever predecessor came up with that. But I needed something that reflected me, who I am as the curator.. and where I saw taking this company.
I often felt I was trying to fit the mold of the ones that came before me.. but I am a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.. It was never working quite right.

Finally, I thought back to what I was doing.. I was searching for pieces.. unique, fun, curated pieces.… then my football-obsessed husband was jabbering about some fantastic high school football player and commented that he was being ‘scouted’ and boom. Touchdown.. that was what I was doing. I was scouting. I was a scout. The products I found, accumulated, and curated were scouted.… but I couldn’t just stop there..because I wasn't just stocking a store with items to sell.. I was putting love into it in the hopes that I could share them and bring some joy or peace or happiness to their recipient.

Then, the magic of Sundays hit me. See.. I have an absolute obsession with Sundays. I wanted to name my daughter Sunday.. Sundays are the sweetest day of the week.. whether it is sleeping in and making waffles, scrambling to make it to church, a late Sunday nap. There is nothing like a Sunday. A good Sunday brings me happiness and joy, and peace. It is often the days I get to work on my home, rearrange, create, and more. I do not have to rush to get anything done. I can stop and pause.. and that is beautiful. I realized Sundays give me exactly what I was working to give to my clients!

So put it together, and I settled on Scouted Sunday!
We will always love and remember our Roots wherever we may roam, but we are on to Scouted Sunday. There she is. Looking and searching for the best, most beautiful pause, piece of joy, happiness, and breath of fresh air for you!

Welcome to Scouted Sunday.

We decided that we would bring y'all along for the ride instead of surprising everyone with a total rebrand. We will still be able to be found at for the time being along with slowly transitioning our following over to Scouted Sunday!  We hope to get everyone's opinion on the new logos, fonts, brand colors, and more! We can't wait to share updates with y'all!