Mothers Day Gift Box & More

Mothers Day
When I was younger, we would celebrate Mother's day by getting my mom a card, eating lunch after church, then leaving my mom alone for the rest of the day. Ahh... Family traditions.. can't beat them, right?

As I got older and could buy things, I always liked to tease my mom. I would still get her a card, but sometimes I would add a little something... For Instance, the mother's day right after I graduated High School, I bought my mom her card and a Beta fish. I told her that it could be my replacement when I left for college a few months later… she didn't love that gift.

Now that I am a mom, I never knew it was so hard. I, personally, live in a perpetual state of fear, wondering how bad of a job I am doing. I have accepted that I am not always going to be the perfect Instagram famous mom, but like, is she going to be a serial killer? I mean, her laugh is SCARY! Also, the only thing she likes to eat is carbs.. which same girl same! But, if she would eat one bite of a vegetable just once a week... that'd be cool. And do not even get me started on the comments people make. It seems it is always easier to criticize than compliment!

Mothers Day last year.  Why Did I not take my sunglasses off? 
See, being a mom is hard. It is so much. I want just one day a year to feel special... and maybe take a nap. Instead, our tradition is my husband asking me the day before Mother's day if I am cooking tomorrow or where I wanted to go out to eat. "You can pick the restaurant." Thanks, babe. 'preciate it! My husband is lacking in the special occasions and gift department… I love him, but he struggles.
(Side Story: he has a rule not to order Christmas presents until Dec. 20... someone help him!)
So I wanted to curate a fail-proof gift for all the moms out there! I thought about this for months and months! I wanted quality products. I wanted to support small businesses when looking for products. I wanted what I curated to be used and cherished.
Most importantly, I wanted the mother that receives this gift to know she is not only loved but cherished. I want her to feel appreciated; Appreciated for all the sleepless nights, the selflessness, the support, the encouragement, and love she has given.
So after searching, testing, and searching more, I have finally curated a Mother's Day Gift box perfect for every mom out there!
The box holds a beautiful pale gray mug that has my mom motto hand-lettered on it "She Believed she could so she did." ( I told my self all those days with a newborn when I didn't sleep and thought I was falling this beautiful baby.) Also in the box is a Lavender Bath Bomb, a Dandelion scented candle both handcrafted and made in the USA. A gorgeous white tortoise cuff with gold embellishment is also included. The cuff will go with any and every outfit! Lastly, and, best of all, a tea towel proclaiming that being a mom is a superpower.. which, we all knew!
It has something everyone will love!
So grab one for all the moms in your life… or grab it for yourself!
Be Well & Happy Mothers Day!
Root and Roam Curator