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Root & Roam Home Now Scouted Sunday

We will always love and remember our Roots wherever we may roam, but we are on to Scouted Sunday. There she is. Looking and searching for the best, most beautiful pause, piece of joy, happiness, and breath of fresh air for you! 

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Mothers Day Gift Box & More

When I was younger, we would celebrate Mother's day by getting my mom a card, eating lunch after church, then leaving my mom alone for the rest of the day. Ahh... Family traditions.. can't beat them, right? As I got older and could buy things, I always liked to tease my mom. I would still get her a card, but sometimes I would add a little something... For Instance, the mother's day right after I graduated High School, I bought my mom her card and a Beta fish. I told her that it could be my replacement when I left for college a few months later… she didn't love that gift. Now that I am a mom, I never knew...

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What is 'Home' to You?

Home.   I have always been the type to not feel 100% comfortable unless a space is decorated and feels good to be in (yeah rental houses in college were a rough time for me)! So I had to figure out how to take a feeling of home with me wherever I went. That required me to dig into me, my soul, my emotions, and more. I asked myself, what is home? Is it a structure that I sleep in and holds my extensive shoe collection? What makes me feel at home?  Growing up, I felt most at home when I was at my grandmother’s house. I can remember it so vividly. The smell of an old crisp sheet fitting over...

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